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Lime Grove Studios

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Lime Grove Studios
Lime Grove, London

Lime Grove Studios were opened in 1915 by the Gaumont Film Company, and then owned by J Arthur Rank in the 1940s. It was aquired by the BBC in 1949, first as a temporary location while Television Centre was built, and then continued as a production studio until 1991 when the BBC closed it down. The very first episode of Doctor Who was filmed here in Studio D, which was at the rear of the fourth floor of the North Tower.

The two main towers of the studios were demolished during 1993, and a new residential block was built in its place. Old television-related names have been used, with Gaumont Terrace and Gainsborough Court. However, terraces that used to house BBC offices at the northern end are still there, now as private residences.


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«prev photo next photo»Photograph taken: 27th February 2011 by Chuck Foster

"These are the old BBC offices, which still survive today but are now private homes."

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